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Over 7 years of research in which we work and the topic is only “Iznik Ceramics” book  is ready for publication. This nearly 700-page study, is a document to shed light on the history of Iznik ceramics between 1480-1680.

At the end of study and research on more than 2,000 Iznik ceramics, more than 1500 Yuan and Ming dynasty are China and Far Eastern ceramics, and 09th century-14th century more than 3,000 production of ceramic objects in Middle East region, until today wrongly known and / or unknown 32 different patterns, motifs and compositions for the “documents and evidence,” and proved “actual knowledge” were revealed.

Till this day errors in the dating, many commentators are trying to be compensated it by keeping a very wide range of “historical margins”. At the end of our research, 153 different criteria determined and dating periods of 5 years between 1520-1600. The periods 1480-1520 and 1600-1680 is 10 years.

The rate of incomplete and wrong information is more than 65% in the catalogs of Iznik ceramic collections museums and and major auction companies in the world. Factor that causes an abnormal ratio of the height, the lack of source work. Moreover, till this day, a lot of  research and studies which are copy of each other, prevented access to the truth. Despite our long-term study, even 3% we still  have questions about some pattern, motif and dating.

We hope that our research, will be a guide especially to antique lovers and  anyone interested in Iznik ceramics.

In this 7 year study period, special thanks to very valuable scientists Prof. Dr. Gönül Kaynak, Prof. Dr. Orhan Küçüker, Prof. Dr. Ali Dönmez, Prof. Dr. Candan Terwiel, Doç. Dr. Hülya Doğru, Dr. Aslı Doğru Koca and Dr. Serap Savaş Işıkhan because of their knowledge and share their opportunities. Special thanks to İstanbul Armenian Patriarchate head secretary Mr. Vağarşak Seropyan and Mr. Sarkis Seropyan from Agos newspaper because of their  sensitive behaviour   and help of Armenian translation. Special thanks to Mr. Turgay Artam because of praise our study saying that “This study will shock the world.” study and help us for publication. Special thanks to Mrs. İnci Dallı from İznik Foundation. Special thanks to Mrs. Ayşe Erdoğru, Assistant Director in Topkapı Palace Museum. Special thanks to Mr. Serkan Gedük, Restorer-Art Historian, Chinese and Japanese Porcelain Department Responsible of Topkapı Palace Museum. Special thanks to ceramic artist Mr. İsmail Yiğit. Special thanks to president of Military Museum colonel Mr. Bülent Tütüncüoğlu, Special thanks to Mr. Nijat Ayvaz because of finding Ottoman tulip in nature, view and share his documents with us. Special thanks to Mr. İlker Mazı because of extremely careful with the graphics and design work gives added value to our study. Special thanks to Mr. Aybas Oruç because of by organizing the installation and management of our web sites, technical computer support for all 365/24. Special thanks Mrs. Ceren Vuruşkan who meticulously translate to englisih.

Special thanks to Associate Professor of the Practice of Fine Arts Mrs. Karen Koblitz, The University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Roski School of Fine Arts Faculty  Senior Lecturer, Area Head. Who show us the way and spend a large collaborative effort for the organization of the book presentation and workshops in the USA. Special thanks to Mr. Robert Cameron Dean, American editor,  checking our texts with great care and prepare it to published. Special thanks to Mrs. Patricia Atwood, ceramic appraiser and senior member of the board of directors ASA. Special thanks to Mr. Greg C. Brown, ceramic appraiser, will not forget the help and support of all types. Special thanks to Mr. John G. Ford, Asian ceramics consultant, appraiser, researcher and lecturer.

Special thanks to Sotheby’s Senior Director Head of Department Middle East and India Mr. Edward Gibbs because  of ideas and support with visual documents and encourages our investigation. Special thanks to Oya Delahaye Sotheby’s Head Director in İstanbul Turkey. Special thanks to Mr. George Antaki valuable Iznik ceramic collector, Special thanks to Mr. Aaron Nommaz The Honorary Consul of Portugal, Special thanks to Mrs. Ayla Yazan, Second Secretary, The Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Lisbon. Special thanks to British Museum director Miss. Agatha Rutkowska, and Special thanks to Victoria & Albert Museum director Mr. Joe Plommer.

With our best regards

Erkan Demirel-Mete Demirel