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3. Stage

26 Mayıs 2012



1510 – 1520

Baba Nakkaş probably was born in 1435s, and probably not alive in these date. His students and assistants studied with him avoid difficult techniques after his authoritarian and pressure. The first studies of this effect can be seen on ground.

Due to the ease of application, cobalt blue background, (which later turned to a white ground), navy blue was employed as it turns blue. Apprentices make the applications and techniques easier but remain faithful to their master’s compostions and augment his work by adding a diversity of patterns with  new and old motifs. For examples, horizontal and vertical patterns.  Hatay and/or Hita is a specific pattern known as “Chinese-Turkestan” concept with vertical and horizontal cross sectional views of flowers. ( See table 4). This influential association and evolvement is the main composition of Baba Nakkus period( Pictures 78-80) has thus assumed a major role in the overall development of these artistic themes and techniques.

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